1. Introduction of CWG
About CWG

CWG MARKETS LTD (" CWG "), registered in England and Wales with company number 08888720, is a 730K investment firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), under the firm reference number FRN 785129. We provide advanced trading platform for global investors to trade in the international market. For more detailed information, please visit the About Us page.

Services provided by CWG?

CWG provides MT4/MT5 trading platform, uses a unique STP model to link investors' forex, precious metals, index, commodity futures and other tradings to the world's major financial trading markets.

How does CWG manage the investors’ funds?

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), CWG complies with the FCA's capital management rules for financial services companies by keeping all client funds in segregated accounts with Barclays bank. It also strictly complies with legal requirements including risk management, employee training, accounting and auditing.

Barclays Bank is one of the world top and largest banks and financial institutions, headquartered in London.

Liquidity of CWG?

CWG pools the best offers for financial instruments from 22 tier-1 banks for investors to use in trading. CWG tiered quoting system allows clients to trade large volume through the quotation level offered by a variety of liquidity providers, so that the best quote could be obtained no matter how large trading volumes are.

How does CWG cope with the slippage point

We insist on fair, impartial and open treatment of every client, we adopt the industry's common practice of treating slippage point. CWG does not interfere with the client's transactions or the price at which the order is actually executed to ensure that the client receives the most timely and accurate quotation.

In each case, CWG will deliver better prices to clients in a market that favours them. But all things being equal, if the market goes down, the price goes down.

All the quotations come from CWG’s partner liquidity providers. In order to ensure that the majority of clients in the market trend is conducive to obtain the most advantageous price, we invested heavily to select the liquidity providers with the best credibility and strength as our business partners.

Can CWG ensure the personal information security?

CWG makes sure to take all necessary precautions in strict accordance with laws and regulations to ensure the personal information security of investors. Refer to CWG's Privacy Policy for more details.

If the profits from investment must be taxed?

Taxation is the individual responsibility of investors. Please refer to the laws and regulations of your country or consult legal experts.

Where to check client agreement, rules and regulations, etc.?

All documents associated with our company’s business could be found from the Legal documents page. After investor applies for opening the account, he can check these documents in legal documents of Client Centre.

2. Questions on CWG account:
The methods for opening live account with CWG?

It is easy to open live account with CWG. Click the button "open live account" at homepage of the website, Then fill in the relevant items according to the prompts, and provide relevant account opening information as required.

CWG will send you a notification email of the account opening success information, including the account ID of the trading platform, trading password, password of the viewing account, etc. All relevant account opening notification emails should be properly saved for use when logging into the account.

How long does it take to open a live trading account?

If all information is filled in correctly, it will take no more than 5 minutes.

What are the documents to be provided when opening live account?

When opening a live account, it is required to provide the identity certificate of the investor and other authentic information and certificates of the investor. For detailed operation, please refer to the requirements in the account opening process. Please contact customer service if you have any questions.

What is CRM Client Centre?

At CWG's Client Centre you can open a trading account, download a trading platform, upload an authentication file, make a deposit, sign up for online lectures and other activities on different pages of the centre.

How to change E-mail address or Tel No.?

To change E-mail address or Tel No., go to the account administration centre, click "update" under "administration" and then follow the steps.

How to change residential address?

Clients can send us an email to request for change of address, with a copy of the new proof of address. We will update your information. You can confirm the new address in the Client Centre.

How to unsubscribe e-mail?

Clients can unsubscribe emails from the Subscription page in the Client Centre, but necessary communication about your trading activities cannot be unsubscribed.

3. Preparation guidance before trading:
How to start trading?

If you already opened a live account and received login information of the account from your E-mail, you need to download the trading platform then.

What types of trading account are provided by CWG?

CWG provides following account types: classic account, advanced account and institutional account. For detailed introduction of account types, please refer to"Instruments and categories" page at the official website.

What is the minimum deposit of the trading account?

The minimum deposit of the classic and advanced accounts is $200 and for the institutional account is $50,000

Can the base currency be changed?

CWG uses US dollar as the base currency, at the same time we provide Euro and GBP for clients to choose.

Remittance methods for investor funds

CWG provides investors multiple remittance methods including telegraphic transfer, credit card, Skrill and China Unionpay

Withdrawal methods for investor

The investors can submit withdrawal application online in the Client Centre. For detailed introduction of withdrawal, please refer to the relevant introduction at the official website.

How to inquiry deposit/withdraw and check internal transfer status?

The status can be inquired through the CRM client centre of CWG and deal with the transaction process by the following steps:

Click "management";

Find out relevant page;

Choose trading ID for internal transfer.

What currencies are acceptable for deposit?

All acceptable currencies are listed in the introduction of the Client centre.

What is the conversion standard of CWG?

Transactions in any other currency will be converted at the exchange rate of the payment provider/bank.

Will CWG charge for deposit/withdrawal?

CWG will not charge for client’s deposit and withdrawal.

How to deposit in the trading account?

Open the deposit page in the column of "administration centre" of CWG;

Choose your preferred deposit method and then click "deposit"

Select the CWG account you want to deposit and complete the required information;

Confirm your deposit information on the next page;

Your payment provider/bank may ask you to take some extra steps;

How long will it take to handle the client’s deposit?

For the processing time of each payment method, please refer to our withdrawal and deposit page.

If our company needs to verify other information, it may take longer;

Please be noted that CWG will not be responsible for the delay caused by the third party payment provider.

If clients deposit during weekends / bank holidays, when will the deposit be handled?

All deposits during weekends or bank holidays will be processed according to the standard processing time of each payment method.

Can I deposit money with joint account?

Yes, of course, you need to provide the following information online or via E-mail:

Joint account form;

Account holder’s ID certification documents;

A copy of a recent bank statement clearly showing the name and account number of the account holder;

Payment confirmation letter of designated account;

If the clients can use a company account to deposit in personal trading account?

If the fund is deposited through shareholder’s personal bank account, there are two situations:

If you are the sole shareholder: the deposit can be handled, but the withdrawal should be remitted back to the same bank account.

If there are more than one shareholders: a written consent letter from all shareholders should be provided, or the deposit will not be handled. The withdrawal should be remitted back to the same bank account as well.

What steps should clients follow when using credit/debit card to deposit?

After completing the steps listed in How to Deposit in My Account, you will be redirected to your bank page, where you will be asked to provide additional information.

If this is your first time to deposit through a credit or debit card, you need to provide a copy of the both sides of your credit card online to via email so that we can start to handle your application.

Clearly showing following information:

Cardholder’s name (the name should be same as the one used for registration)

Name of issuing bank

The last 4 digits of the card number (other figures should be covered)

Expiry date of credit/debit card

Cardholder’s signature

CVC2/CVV2 (the last three digits on the back of the card) must also be included as well.

After using UnionPay Deposit, what should be done next?

If this is your first deposit through China Online Bank, you need to provide a screenshot of bank statements online or via email, which shows:

Your name (the name should be the same as that used for registration)

Your account number

Contact CWG

Why is my account balance inconsistent with my deposit?

This may be due to some additional charges from your payment provider/bank. If this happened, you should contact your payment processor for further information, because we do not have the authority to access the third-party service systems.

4. Common questions about the trading platform
What trading platform provided by CWG?

CWG provides MT4 and MT5 trading platforms for clients in order to meet the investment needs of different clients. You can browse the official website to see the differences between these two platforms.

What operating systems are suitable for the MT trading platform?

Windows: Windows 7 and higher version

Mac: Mac OS X and higher version.

How to install MT trading platform on Windows PC ?

Choose corresponding trading platform in the column of "trading platform tool" at the official website of CWG, click "download" link

Save the downloaded documents and double click to open.

Click "run" to allow program running.

Read and accept items and regulations

Click "next" and finish installation.

How to install MT trading platform on MAC PC?

Choose MAC trading platform in the column of "trading platform tools" at the official website of CWG, and click "download"

Save the downloaded document to your desktop and drag MT platform icon to your application program folder.

Then double click and open your platform in the application folder.

Can clients install more than one CWG platforms on PC?

Yes, of course, so long as it is installed at a different location.

After taking the first 4 steps of "how to install MT4/5 on Windows PC", continue with the following steps:

Do not click "next", click "setting" instead;

Click "browse" and choose different/new folder to save the platform and then click "OK"; it is advised you to change the name of the folder from the option of "program group";

Click "next" and finish installation.

How to log in the trading platform?

After opening the platform, choose the option "login" in the menu of "file".

Enter the client’s account number and password

Choose proper server and then click "log in"

Why is the trading account showing invalid?

When the login account or password information is wrong, the account will be invalid. Please reenter and check if the account number, password and server are correct, especially the password format.

After changing the trading password of the account, save it properly. CWG cannot retrieve the modified password of investors. It can only help investors to reset the password. It may take some extra time and will affect the trading.

Why is the platform showing "busy trading"?

Close and redownload the trading platform, the error will disappear. If same problem occurs after restarting, please contact the client service.

How to open message function on the trading platform?

Log in the platform and enter the column of "tools"

Click "option" and then click "server"

Choose the framework of "news start" and then click "OK".

Please note that during the major economic news announcing, the "news" option may occupy additional CPUs, which may slow down the platform running speed.

Why cannot the stop-loss or profit order be placed?

The investor cannot place or change the order during the processing period when the market is locked. After the transaction is completed or unlocked, the investor can place the order normally through terminal.

How to check and save my trading account history?

Check trading history:

Log in your trading platform and click Ctrl+T;

Choose "account history" in the window of "terminal" of the account, and right click at any location in the new window;

Choose or define duration;

Save trading history:

Right click in window of "account history", then choose "save as report" or "save as detailed report";

Choose document destination and click "save"

Please be noted: your history will be saved as .html document and you can check it by dragging the document to the browser window.

How to obtain the quotation history of certain currencies?

Open MT platform and click "tools"

Choose "history centre" and double click currency pairs.

If the currency pair you want to check doesn’t respond, double click one currency type (major, minor, exotic currency pairs); click “download”.

Why is there no trading activity in Expert Advisor (EA)?

Ensure the EA is permitted to run on your platform (EA available at MT4 is not certainly applica-ble for MT5).

Enter the tab control of "tools" and choose "option", then click "intelligent system" and check whether the function of "allow automatic trading" is started.

If EA has been successfully activated, there shall be one smile face at the right upper corner of your graph.

If EA is still not working, you should check whether there is any errors in login file of the tab control “intelligent trading”.

If you need further assistance, please consult EA supplier.

Why can’t I log in the Demo account?

CWG specifies a 30-day lifetime for demo accounts. If the demo account expires, you can apply again to open a new demo account. There is no need to download the platform again.

There is no need to download the platform again.

Can not view all of the currency pairs at quotation window?

To check all currency pairs, please right click the window "market quotation" and then choose "show all" (S), then the platform will show the quotation of products that provided at the platform.

How to change the time of the trading platform?

Since the quotation is provided by the liquidity provider, the quotation time is provided by them as well, CWG cannot change it.

How to check overnight interest?

1. 1.In the "Market quotation" window of the trading platform, right click and select "Instruments Categories", click "Specifications" of financial instruments s to review all details including overnight interest.

2. To view from "Quotations and Commissions" in "Instruments" on CWG’s official website.

Notes: MT4 platform displays as "Buy/sell adjustment inventory fee" and MT5 platform displays as "Buy/sell inventory fee".

Will overnight interest on holdings triple after doubling on Wednesday and Thursday?

For positions opened on Wednesday and held through Thursday, the overnight interest earned or paid out from the account is three times of the usual rate. The "Triple overnight interest" is charged or paid for the interest of positions held through the previous weekends (Saturday & Sunday), when the market is closed and no overnight interest is charged.

Does CWG provide VPS?

Clients can purchase exclusive VPS from our partners accordingly and operate independently according to your settings. CWG also provides third-party virtual private VPS. After a certain transaction volume is completed, CWG will return the fee to your trading account. Please refer to the VPS service page for details.

How to add a new indicator to the trading platform?

Windows PC:

1. Download and install indicator, log in your trading platform

2. Choose "open data folder" from the "file" tab

3. Click "MQL4" and then "indicator", drag the indicator icon to the opened new folder from the desktop.

4. Log out of your platform and log in again.

Check navigation window and find the new indicator.

MAC/OS X system:

1. Go to the applications folder, right-click (command + click) on the trading platform icon

2. Select "show package content" and click "drive C"

3. Navigate to "program files" and then navigate to relevant trading platform folder

4. Select "MQL4" and then click "indicator"

5. Drag your indicator to the opened window.

5. Common problems with trading platform on mobile devices
How to download the trading platform to your iPhone/iPad/Android device?

Refer to the introduction of the mobile App of the platform on the official website:

Refer to the introduction of the mobile App of the platform on the official website:

Android: search the platform in Play Store, click "install", and then "accept".

How to choose trading platform server?

In the notification email of account opening success, CWG explicitly prompts the investor to select the real/simulated server for the trading account, and then select the corresponding server when the trading platform logs in.

How to close/revise the order on iPhone/iPad?

Press and hold the order in the "Trade" column and select the action you would like to take from the popup box.

How to view more financial instruments from my mobile phone?

Select symbol "+" at the top of APP and select Instruments and categories to view.

Can indicators be used on the mobile trading platform?

Yes, of course. Select symbol "f" in the chart window to choose the indicator you want.

Can EA and other indicators be added to the mobile trading platform?

No, they could only be used on the desktop platform.

Can stop-loss orders be moved up and down the mobile trading platform?

No, these functions could only be used on the desktop platform.

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