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Please note
You can experience our trading platform with a demo account without any trading risk. Demo accounts have most of the functionality of a live account, but there are still some significant differences between the two, including (but not limited to):
The trading activities carried out by the demo account are not affected by slippage, interest rate and dividend adjustment, nor are they subject to post-disk price changes;
Trading in demo accounts may be rejected due to insufficient funding for open positions, but unlike live accounts, demo account transactions are not rejected because of the size or price of the position;
Demo account users do not have to pay the supporting chart function related costs;
If your demo account is underfunded to pay for margin and loss, the transaction will not be closed, but in a live account, the transaction may be closed due to insufficient funds account.
The items listed above are incomplete, so before opening a live account, we recommend that you carefully read the relevant information on our website and the customer agreement in order to accurately understand the functions of the live account.

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