Powerful MetaTrader, Easy Online Trading
One-click trading
Select your transaction size and enter the market with one click
Revise orders on graph
Drag and drop on graph, create and revise orders
Convenient in use
Enjoy the easy, intuitive experience you get from MetaTrader
More trading platforms for CWG
CWG’s exclusive trading platform - Desktop
Our desktop trading platform is designed to help you take control of your trading experience.

Customise your orders, indicators and graph tools

Get more than 100 technical metrics, or create your own metrics

Obtain real-time trading insights and analysis

Benefit from speedy trading execution

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CWG’s exclusive trading platform - Mobile
Get everything you need to trade globally from an iPhone, iPad or android device

Always trade, use metrics and chart tools

Set up trade alerts to avoid missed opportunities

Read Reuters news and CWG market analysis integrated into the platform

Set up trade alerts to avoid missed opportunities

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