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Forex market is the largest market with liquidity in the world. Its daily average trading volume exceeds 8 trillion US dollars. With CWG, you can not only access top currency pairs, but also get the tools and support you need to access the world's largest market.
Why choose CWG for forex trading?
Varieties of currency pairs in global market, including major, minor and exotic currency pairs
5*24h two-way trading
Potential price improvement and no repeated quotation
In-depth liquidity ensures clients the lowest spreads in the market
Access institutional level spreads and trading execution
Minimum trading size is $0.01
Maximum leverage is 200:1
Stay connected to the global market anytime anywhere
Advantages of Forex Trading: 24-hour two-way trading: the ability of traditional investment traders to profit from decreasing markets is very limited, time is also greatly limited, foreign exchange trading 5 trading days per week, 24 hours a day, and trade in both directions can be profitable.
Global markets: Participants in the foreign exchange market are large and small banks, central banks, financial institutions, import and export traders, investment departments of enterprises, fund companies and individuals. Global markets are unlikely to be manipulated by some people or institutions. The forex market is highly transparent, quotes, data and news are public which allow all investors have access to relevant information at the same time.
Leveraged trading: Leveraged trading uses small amounts of money to invest several times the original amount. High leverage makes it easy to create positions flexibly. Under the premise of strict risk control, profits or floating profits can continue to use high leverage to increase positions, which provides the possibility to achieve profitability.
Low trading costs: No commission on forex margin trading, income from banks or brokers derived from spreads, and overnight positions, such as holding high-interest currencies, are eligible for interest. And interest is payable in the case of holding low-interest currencies. Overall, trading costs are very low.
Low entry threshold: Participate in foreign exchange margin trading with easy procedures. Margin account opening requires minimum amount of money about only the hundreds of dollars, it can be said that the success of foreign exchange trading is not the amount of funds, but depending on the level of operation, small funds can grow as quickly as others.

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