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You can deal with main futures products around the world through an account in CWG, including crude oil, natural gas, cotton and Cocoa, etc. Commodity futures is the most popular transaction mode of CFD products.
Why do you choose CWG to deal with commodity futures?
Transaction based on the contract, not necessary to actually hold any financial instruments.
Large volatility-higher price fluctuation
Connect to the global economy anytime anywhere
5-day 24h two-way transaction
Obtain institution-level point difference and transaction execution
The minimum trading volume is as low as $0.01
Leverage is as high as 100:1
Advantages of commodity futures transaction: CWG provides futures products including bulk commodity and energy. Alike global exchange rate market, futures market provides various investment opportunities for retailers in global exchange market. Soft commodities including cotton, coffee and cocoa have been dealt with by investors for dozens of centuries. The investors have predilection for these financial derivatives for their important role in investment diversification and risk management.
The most typical characteristic of energy price is high volatility, which is the result of the influence of political and environmental factors. Many supply and demand factors also influence the energy price. What with the largest influence is the global economic growth. What is most popular among energies is petroleum, for which there is global and 24h market. Its price is always changing. The petroleum market is the ideal instrument for the day traders to seek fast trend and choose CFDs as the simplest petroleum price transaction. The investment in CFDs is a reliable method for risk mitigation. Even during inflation or economic uncertainty, it also can be ensured that the contractual buyer and sellers will not suffer losses due to the influence of fierce price fluctuation.

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