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CWG provides 6 precious metal pairs including gold, silver, platinum and palladium traded in US or EUR. Precious metals can be the significant asset of diversified trading strategy.
Why choose CWG to trade precious metas?
Access the most competitive spreads and trading execution in the market
5-day 24h two-way trading
Potential price improvement and no repeated quotation
In-depth liquidity ensures clients the lowest spreads in the market
Access the most competitive spreads and trading execution
Minimum trading size is $0.01
Maximum leverage is 200:1
Stay connected to the global market anytime anywhere
Advantages of precious metals trading: precious metals trading refers to the process by which investors buy low and sell high to earn profits when they are bullish on the precious metals market. It can also be a safe haven method taken in the event of an unfavourable economic outlook in order to achieve the preservation and appreciation of assets. Because the world's precious metal reserves are certain, precious metals can be used as a preservation tool. Precious metals therefore have a good risk aversion function that can be used to fight inflation, while in the global market, supply and demand are not driven by any country, but by the global impact. It's hard to manipulate the market, it's not easy to cause a crash, and there's no depreciation problem. The 24 hours of trading can be done 5 days a week which gives investors more investment opportunities.

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