Statement on combating commercial activities in the name of counterfeiting CWG Markets


Statement on combating commercial activities in the name of counterfeiting CWG Markets

Recently, a user reported that CWG Markets Group logo was cloned leading to misinterpretation of a company. The logo cloned by them is to mislead customers in thinking they are doing business with CWG Markets. This behavior has constituted an illegal act, which may bring great mental and financial damage to users who are not clear of the truth, and also damaged the image of CWG Markets group. In order to protect the welfare of CWG Markets customers, we hereby declare:

1: Up to now, CWG has not given the authority to any third-party company to use the CWG logo.

2: CWG will not require the customer to pay any service charge in advance when they need to withdraw money at any time.

3: CWG does not allow employees to ask customers to transfer money to private accounts. If someone asks you to transfer money to private accounts, please refuse.

4: When transferring money online, please be vigilant and beware of being cheated. For any matters concerning account opening, deposit and withdrawal, please log in to CWG official website. Other ways are counterfeit.

5: CWG issued a severe warning to anyone who fraudulently copies any aspect of CWG Markets Ltd website, logo etc and to stop the illegal act immediately. CWG will investigate the corresponding legal responsibility for the adverse effects of all fraud.

CWG Markets reminds you again: any name such as certification fee, unfreezing fee, tax, overdue fine, personal income tax, etc. is fraud. If you encounter a similar situation, please do not register and invest money. Once you invest money, it will be time-consuming and difficult to get back. If you have any questions, please contact the customer service center immediately.

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   Hereby declare,

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我们注意到,一些未经授权的公司/个人克隆了我们的网站内容、标识和CWG Markets Limited的社交媒体页面。请注意,这些未经授权的公司还通过WhatsApp、Facebook、WeChat等各种信息应用程序与消费者联系。