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Statement on combating commercial activities in the name of counterfeiting CWG Markets

18 Feb, 2021

Statement on combating commercial activities in the name of counterfeiting CWG Markets

Dear CWG Clients,

Thank you for your trust and support for CWG Markets. Since the establishment of CWG Markets, it has been recognized and favored by a lot of traders. With the promotion of popularity in recent years, in order to obtain short-term economic benefits, some fraudsters began to use the internet to induce some users to trade on their clone website. This has the same name of our official website to make it look as though they are trading with a reputable company. This behavior is illegal. In order to protect CWG Markets from infringers and protect the interests of users, our company has set up an investigation team to carry out anti-counterfeiting actions. The followings are part of the information about the fake CWG we found so far or reported by our customers:

Clone CWG website

Fake CWG client’s zone

Fake CWG staff

However, the above does not cover all of the illegal information existing on the internet. It is only for reference, so as to prevent fraudsters from making profits illegally. Here, we strongly condemn these fraudsters to imitate our website and name, and hereby remind you that in case of fake website, app, personal chat account, please do not register or invest! CWG does not allow clients to transfer money or deposit money in private. Please be alert to any information that requires you to send bank account details or make payment directly! If you need to deposit, please use the official channel. In case of any suspicious situation, please stop contacting with them and give feedback to CWG official customer service immediately. The followings are the official channel of CWG Markets:


Global customer service center:+44 2037699268 / +60 392128233




Official website: 
CWG Group:



Hereby declared
CWG Markets

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